Used or refurbished product ?

Usually, in shops and medias, we talk about “Second-hand market” instead of “Refurbished”. The distinction between refurbished and used product is rarely made. We tend to assimilate the two concepts, even if they are ultimately very different. In fact, if we consider the composition of the refurbished product, it is actually much closer to a new product than a used device.

New spare parts for refurbished devices, more Co2 emissions

Indeed for instance, a refurbished phone will benefit from a battery of tests, a reset and also perhaps, a replacement of faulty original parts, with new spare parts. A used phone, will only be reset. Therefore, opting for a refurbished phone certainly promotes the circular economy, but this is not completely environmentally responsible as it requires the production of new parts. And who says production of new parts, says more greenhouse gases emitted obviously. Regarding the so-called second-hand product, it only includes original parts. It required no additional costs, no manufacturing costs for spare parts… and most importantly, buying a used phone does not contribute to the emission of additional greenhouse gases. Used products are part of an approach to zero additional greenhouse gas emissions, which is more ecological for the planet.

Choosing used product instead of refurbished, cheaper and safer option

Spare parts are not necessarily original parts from the company which formerly product the device and sell it. Most of the time, spare parts from original brand are much more expensive than the ones sold by retailers. That’s why it is very hard to source and guarantee the origin of the pieces. Thus, the quality of the phone may be reduced. Both products are used products. A refurbished product is necessarily second-hand, but a used product is not necessarily refurbished. Plus, a used phone is typically 5-20% cheaper than a refurbished phone.

&COLLAB is involved 

As a cleantech, &COLLAB is committed to sustainable development and the circular economy. We make it a point of honor to favor the trade in second-hand devices, which have not benefited from any modification or change of parts. In fact, we are able to control the quality of our products, in order to offer you used products of premium quality and 100% functional. We wish the best for our customers. That is why we have invested in internationally renowned test software: Blancco. This test software enables us to sell you only premium quality products in strict compliance with our quality charter.

Our quality charter

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Grade A : Excellent – Nearly invisible wear marks // 100% functional
– 100% working tested for functionnality
– They may either have small, lights scratches
– The general condition of the phone contains superficial traces of wear and tear.

Grade B : Good – Superficial wear marks // 100% functional
– They may either have small, lights scratches
– They may have light scratches or scuff on their housing
– They may have light scratches or scuff, or a few small nicks or dents on their ports, corners and edges.

Grade C : Fair – Wear marks // 100% functional
– They may have scratches on the screen
– They may have scratches or scuffs on their housing
– They may have faint discoloration or screen burn
– They may have scratches, nicks or dents on the ports and edges.

The flagship smartphones on sale are generally the iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone 11. Don’t hesitate any longer, order your references from &COLLAB, the No.1 trader of used smartphones in France and Europe for professionals. By ordering from &COLLAB, you are doing something for the planet and you will not be disappointed by the quality.

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