The winter sales are always a privileged moment for the French people to equip themselves with the latest high-tech products, at a lower cost. But keep in mind that there are also used smartphones on sale. This year, if you do not opt for a used or refurbished mobile, take the time to think it over and ask yourself if this purchase is really necessary, in view of your current smartphone. To help you make up your mind, we give you some advice to preserve your smartphone and to keep it longer.

Short smartphone lifespan

A smartphone has a lifespan normally estimated between 5 to 10 years.
In fact, the French people tend to change their devices every 2 years on average (approximately every 22 months). The main reasons are: phone out of service, wanting to have the latest trendy phone, professional need … But the truth is, most of the time the main reason is just because you think your phone is out of fashion.

The French people show less interest in brand new smartphones. This is what reveals a study lead by GfK, on the sales of electronic products in France. In 2019, smartphone sales fell again by 5% to reach 17.3 million units sold. New smartphones are becoming more and more expensive, and novelties are being introduced more and more quickly. Despite the coronavirus health crisis, the price of smartphones increased by 10% in the second quarter of 2020 according to a study by Counterpoint. Furthermore, we tend to spend an average of 420 euros for the purchase of a smartphone in 2020. That’s why we recommand you to buy used products during sales period, as good for the wallet as for the environment and the circular economy.

Why you should keep your old phone

However, if you’re still not convinced to buy a used phone, let us persuade you to keep the one you currently have. In order to keep your phone at its maximum capacity for longer, there are a few tips you can put into practice :

– Taking care of your screen.
In fact, 80% of smartphones repairs concern screens. Modern mobile phones are less resistant than their predecessors, in particular because of the fragility of their screens. You can choose to protect your screens in different ways: with a tempered glass pane, a simple screen protector film, or a flap shells. Don’t hesitate to change your protection often, as it wears out over time. Finally, protecting your screen can guarantee that you will be able to resell your phone at a higher price than if your screen contained marks of wear and tear.

– The battery is optimised to extend its lifespan.
Avoid waiting until the battery is dead is important for the life of a battery. This is because batteries are essentially made of lithium, and it doesn’t really like to run out of charge. At the very least, you should keep your battery between 20% and 80% charged. Above all, you should avoid overnight battery recharges, and prefer small alternating charge cycles. In addition, Apple has recently carried out an IOS update in order to optimise the charge cycles of your battery. This update allows you to plug in your phone overnight, so that your phone will charge up to a certain percentage, and then finish charging the next day depending on how you use your phone.

– Allow your phone to breathe.
After a long use, your phone needs a rest. Intensive use of your phone is bad for the battery and its processor, which is sensitive to high temperatures. Do not wait for your phone to warm up before you stop using it. Use it when you really need it and enjoy your surroundings! You can control your screen time in your settings, don’t hesitate to restrict yourself! And if you need to use your phone for a long time, don’t hesitate to put it down as soon as you have a moment to let it breathe and cool down its battery and processor.

– Avoid dampness, heat and cold
Is your phone waterproof? Even if it is, prolonged use of your phone in a damp place is not good for these components. Even worse if your phone is not suitable for these environments. Electronics and water never mix, so don’t hesitate to protect it with a water-resistant towel or bag if you have to use it in a humid environment. And we remind you: rice doesn’t cure your phone that has fallen into the water ! As temperatures drop (or rise), the chemical reactions in our phones become slower. As a result, the battery produces less energy and the phone becomes less autonomous. In the summer, choose shady corners for your mobile. In winter, it’s best to leave it warm in your pocket.

– Lighten the phone’s memory
When a smartphone runs out of memory, its system struggles to run applications and services properly. It is therefore best to regularly clean its internal memory. Photos, videos, music, contacts, application… Remember to save everything on your computer via a USB cable or appropriate software (iCloud, Helium…) and make room for it.

– Make regular updates
Updates are not there to look pretty. They often correct a few small software problems but they can also correct big security problems. This avoids security flaws that could harm your smartphone and thus extend its lifespan.

And if you’re not convinced after all this advice on how to extend the life of your smartphone, remember that the purchase of a new smartphone is equivalent to 95kg of greenhouse gases released into the air, and that every month around 130 million new phones are sold. The environmental impact of buying a new phone is quickly evaluated.

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