It’s almost Christmas. Each year, 32% of French people go to buy high tech products as a Christmas present. Now is the time for you to make your Christmas wishlist, but in a reasoned way …

High-tech products, flagship Christmas gifts.

Christmas, best time of year to change your phone? In any case, that’s what the Toluna study for SFAM shows us. 42% of French people dream of receiving a smartphone as a priority, followed by a computer at 24%. These products occupy the first places in the top 10 intentions to buy Christmas gifts. Need or want to change phones, want to get the latest phone, first phone purchase, discounted plans, the pleasure of offering a high-tech product, a shower of good deals … There are many reasons and always justified.

The end of the north pole for Santa Claus.

As previously explained in our article entitled « & COLLAB participates in the Make Friday Green Again movement », 35% of French people do their Christmas shopping on Black Friday day according to AFP. No offense to consumers’ wallets. However, the purchase of new products at a considerable cost for the environment and has a strong impact on climate change leading to the melting of glaciers. In these times of heavy spending and buying high-tech products for Christmas, we owe it to you to make you aware of the impact of such a reasoned act of purchase. When a new phone is sold, 50 to 95 kg of greenhouse gases are emitted. When there is a new smartphone release on the market, new phone sales run into the millions. Why do you think snow is increasingly scarce in winter?

The solution: used products

Admittedly, the current pandemic has slowed down sales of new smartphones, notably with the collapse of the telephone market in China. But let’s continue our fight for a greener world and buy second-hand products. Did you know that sales of used products reduce greenhouse gases? Buying second-hand products means extending its useful life. In addition to being an environmentally friendly act, it is also a good compromise for tech-savvy and small budgets. Good news, according to a SFAM study, 52% of French people would like to acquire second-hand devices for Christmas. And the planet thanks you.

And above all, don’t forget: if you get a new phone at Christmas, sell your old phone. By doing this, you reduce the number of cell phones in landfills. Thank you.

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