The last Friday of November takes place « Black Friday ». This viral worldwide event is strongly criticized because the majority of commercial brands offer significant discounts and therefore encourage overconsumption. In order to offer a responsible alternative to this event, « Make Friday Green Again » has been launched. As a major player in the trade of used high-tech products for professionals, we are proud to announce that we are committed to this movement. Our goal is to limit unnecessary purchases of new smartphones and high-tech products. By participating in this movement, we also wish to denounce the practice of false promotions, that has a strong environmental impact.

The story of Make Friday Green Again

At the initiative of this project, the French ready-to-wear brand Faguo. “Each year, 500 million items of clothing are thrown away in France. Overconsumption accentuated by Black Friday, an event that began in the 1950s in North America and appeared in France in 2013.
We didn’t want to participate in Black Friday day which encourages overconsumption. We were uncomfortable that it was imposed by the market. The real cost of this day is social and environmental. It makes jobs precarious by not paying manufacturers, brands and stores. It also contributes to climate change by encouraging overproduction.

In order to carry the message stronger, we contacted several French brands to try to unite under a one-off collective that we named MAKE FRIDAY GREEN AGAIN. Ten days later, the result is beyond our expectations. 720 French brands of all sizes spontaneously united with one essential point in common: they will not be doing Black Friday and will communicate to restore reasoned and responsible consumption. ” To learn more about this movement, you can visit the website:

The best (or worst) time to buy a new phone.

Each year, many new phones are manufactured and sold by major brands, especially during Black Friday. Event of the year expected by all consumers, this is the perfect time for them to acquire a new smartphone or another high-tech product at a discounted price. According to a study lead by EconomieMatin, 56% of French people plan to spend between 100 and 200 euros on average for high-tech purchases. Anticipation of Christmas for some, or pleasure of doing good business for others, their motivations are legitimate. But Black Friday is the emblem of frenzied consumption and a major contributor to climate change.

An ecologically and socially devastating event.

As a reminder, an iPhone X 256GB emits 93kg of greenhouse gases throughout its lifetime, set at three years by Apple (according to the environmental report established by Apple) and 80% of these CO2 emissions come from its production. 

Add to this, the extraction of rare metals (while the planet’s resources are depleted), and the labor inequalities caused by the production of high-tech devices. Finally, we note that high-tech products represent 66% of sales in France during Black Friday, and that there are more than 56 million transactions overall that day over 24 hours (and we do not count Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday). The impact is thus easily quantified at the global level, all the more so if we add the figures for the U.S.A, a major player in overconsumption.

Fight against Black Friday Day.

Our goal through the « Make Friday Green Friday » movement is to encourage and educate all those who follow us, to consume more responsibly in order to reduce the pollution generated by the production of new devices. We must inform our readers that the act of buying is a strong choice, with concrete consequences for the environment when it is motivated by just and lasting causes. You’d rather prefer high-tech second-hand, durable, recycle, and repair products. These are the key words of this movement. In these difficult times for offline traders, prefer to buy local is also more responsible and a proof of support for independents. It is also an ecological act, limiting greenhouse gas emissions linked to transport. Collectively, our actions and habits can thus have a significant impact on the environment.

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