Change of identity for Power Pièces! From now on, the company will be called &COLLAB. Newly considered as a cleantech thanks to the resale of second-hand products, these changes are an opportunity to confirm its environmental commitment to the circular economy and sustainable development. To accompany this evolution, &COLLAB is modernizing its logo, its communication materials and its website where you can request quotes.

&COLLAB on the second-hand market

&COLLAB is the number 1 trader of second-hand products in France and is now expanding internationally in 13 countries (and soon more): the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Hungary, Romania, Portugal. The company is an outsourced sourcing service that will allow its retail, wholesale, and online customers to save time and money by finding high quality secondhand products around telephony and multimedia at the best price on the world market.

The commitments of &COLLAB

&COLLAB is also a cleantech. It participates in reducing electronic waste and toxicity by reselling second-hand products to professionals, by offering an HS stock refurbishment service, and by guaranteeing the performance of its products in accordance with the charter of the grades it offers, and thanks to its future Power And You (P&Y) application. This application, soon available in all e-stores, will allow you to evaluate the real value of your phone as well as its grade. Concerned about the environment and the circular economy, it aspires to a better transparency of information concerning the performance and origin of its products. Today, thanks to its activity, &COLLAB has saved more than 1.8 million tons of CO2 since its creation in 2018.

Elements of the new identity

The &COLLAB logo is divided into 4 significant parts of the company:

  • Ecology: In addition, by wearing a green color, the company wants to be close to its commitments as a cleantech, hence the term &COL [ecology] for ecology. By selling second-hand products, &COLLAB is an important link in the circular economy.
  • Innovation: By &COLLAB, the term LAB means laboratory: the company’s wish is to function as a laboratory in order to study the behavior of users and to accompany them towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle with second-hand products. For &COLLAB, innovation is opportunity.
  • Collaboration: &COLLAB wants to be close to its professional customers and suppliers in order to offer a trustworthy collaboration. Their wish is to accompany customers in defining their needs but also to accompany them towards a second-hand technological transition favorable to the circular economy.
  • The products: a letter o representing an on/off button to represent second-hand products, a blue color to remind the technology. The ampersand used in the logo represents a trade name, used to signify the multiplicity of references that the company has for its customers. Buy second-hand and reduce your ecological impact.

New identity, new changes… The company’s main areas of development
In its transformation, the company wishes to position itself on 4 major axes:

  • Closer to its customers, the company wishes to maintain its close relationship with its national customers, and to expand widely internationally.
  • More efficient and practical, the release of the next P&Y application will allow to evaluate the real value of the products and to gain in performance and transparency of information.
  • More responsible and greener, &COLLAB is positioning itself as a cleantech to promote second-hand products and the circular economy in order to reduce electronic waste, CO2 emissions and the toxicity of new appliance production.
  • More agile and productive, the acquisition of a new software will allow a better productivity and organization of the teams to process its customers’ requests.